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Where Will Alfalfa Grow?
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Contrary to popular belief, alfalfa will grow throughout the country. Alfalfa is grown in every state, Mexico and Canada. Some places require irrigation. And some alfalfa varieties perform better than others in some regions or soil types.

Alfalfa is grown in every state – even in places such as Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, South Carolina and every state in the South where many people believe alfalfa will not survive. There are major alfalfa producing counties (6,000 acres or more) in places as far south as southeast New Mexico; southwest Texas; north Texas; southwest Oklahoma; on the Arkansas-Missouri border; on the Tennessee-Kentucky border. But as mentioned, there are large alfalfa-growing operations all the way to the Gulf Coast.

One thing to keep in mind, alfalfa is native to Iran. That should end any questions on its heat and drought tolerance. Alfalfa is grown in many parts of the Middle East. Saudi Arabia is a major alfalfa producer.

Generally, most varieties perform best north of an imaginary line from Abilene, Texas, to Savannah, Ga. But there are varieties that will adequately grow below that line.

Just select areas with a deep, well-drained soil, and alfalfa will grow with the proper soil fertility.

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